Online icon; Prototype

Liam Harris (Prototype) is an American CAW wrestler, SVR '11 online icon, and COO of the CWWF.

In CWWF [offline] he is a three-time world champion, a one time intercontinental champion, a one time united states champion, and a one time unified tag team champion-- by them being offline however, the reigns are unofficial.

SVR 2011

Making his debut in Smackdown vs Raw 2011 he would gain his image. One of the top fair players in online history. One who does not use HHH high knee, glitches, or even the "ring slide" ability.

His W/L record to date is upward 400; with losses [minus uncontrolled disconnections] well below 200 (approximately 160) - most of which came from his days as an online jobber.

To his credit he has defeated invisible caws, freezers, and unpinnables [via submission].

Personality traits

  • Cocky
  • Clever
  • Unpredictable

Character facts & abilities

  • His overall is 99 for online matches (89 offline)
  • He is currently a heel>tweener
  • His nickname is "Thunder"

Special abilities:

  1. Hammer Throw
  2. Kip Up
  3. Resilency
  4. Dirty pin
  5. Durability

In wrestling (CWWF)

Finishing move

  1. Death From Above
  2. Prey (Viper RKO)

Signature Moves

  1. Super Kick
  2. Powerbomb (Batista Bomb)

Signature Combos

  1. Knee smash followed by Throw back and quickly followed with Viper taunt
  2. (From behind) Flash back quickly followed by face stomp